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Moments of My Life - My Love

Moments of My Life

My love,

Day after day, everything keep changing like the seasons of the Sun. But I'm sure of one thing though my love for you will always be the same, no matter whatever you do, wherever you go.
Night after night, everyone is keep changing, showing their true colors. But I am sure of one thing though, what you are to me, will always be the same, no matter what comes or goes. The bond between you and me is something special, something different, can’t be explained in words. I am more me when I am with you, I am less me when I am not with you.

With you I'm a better man, I am calm, I smile the true smile. With everybody else I have to smile to avoid the questions like why I am so serious. With you it comes naturally, even when I think of you I can’t help but smile. People keep asking how I be smiling in tough situations. I can't explain them even if I could nobody would understand.

The person I am with you, is the person I want to be forever. With you I am best version of myself and more true to myself. The person I'm with everybody else is the fake version of me. I have to listen them or pretend to listen to avoid further conversation. Sometimes I have to talk to them even if I don't want to.  With you I sometimes shares some most beautiful memories I don't even remember, I don’t know how. But sharing them with you is like reliving those best memories of my life with you. And these moments of my life with you, becomes the moments of my life.
You got the best voice, sweetest sound in the whole universe. I can listen to you for eternity. Sometimes you speak, your eyes widen sometimes shrunken. Sometimes when you smile while telling me about you and dimple on your right cheek distracts me from everything else but itself. It tells me why you have the best smile in the whole world. As you share some of the best memories of your life with me. It feels like you allowed me to be in your life and live those memories with you with the greatest joy of my life. And those moments of your life with me, becomes the moments of my life.

Having you in my life, is like having an angel by my side. Like I wrote to you before that you were good witch in my life who took all my pains without a touch and not asking for much. I cherished every moment I spend with you then. Now I cherish the thoughts of those moments in my memories of you. You might be gone but you are always right here with me. As you have told me that you are a heart without of home but I have a home in my heart just for you. And no one in the world is going to take that away from you.

There are million feelings in my heart. There are billion ways I can express them all to you. But if it's you, it's only the feeling of love. It is true and it is only you.

With this note I bid you my goodbye, my love.

Yours truly, yours only-

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