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My love - For the first time

My love - For the first time

My Love,

My heart is your place, my soul is your witness. Life is Beautiful everybody says that, how could I know if we never met. You brought the joy into my life. It was you who told me where my heart was. I was stupid, I was lost. I don't know how you did that but you found me and since then I am never ever lost in myself.

I was alone. I kind of liked the loneliness, no person to care about no one to miss. But you came, you came like a drug addiction in my life, how one live without the drug. I thought I could be helpless without you. It seemed like just the yesterday you came and today you are gone. Before you, I exactly knew how to live without you, after you how could I know how to live without you. I hated you for sure to go and leave me vulnerable with a broken heart. But funny thing happened when you left I loved missing you, but always wishing you were here. Thinking about you is like dreaming the best dream, I could ever dream. Living the best life, that I could ever live. Singing the best song that I could ever sing. In all the things in this world I miss you the most. You are in my thoughts when I am thinking about you, you are also in my thoughts even when I am not thinking about.

I already told you that I love missing you but it doesn't mean that I wanted you to be gone forever. I love missing you in the hope to see you again. I will always keep my love reserved for you in my heart. You will get all the love from my heart that you deserve. My love, I promise you, you will be at the top of the world. You will be the queen of everything and I will be there to see this with you. I will be there with you in every step you take, every choices you make. I will be there for better or worse, in case you ever get hurt. I will be always there for you. Life is going to take turns, few road blocks in the journey of life but together ‘my love’ we both could make it, we can take anything that destiny throw at us.

With a smile I bid you goodbye. ‘My love’ be happy, be healthy.

Yours truly, yours only-

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