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I See You - My Love

I See You - My Love

i see you

My love, my life, my soul
I see you everywhere I go.
My darling, my angel, my world
 I see you everything I do.
My sun, my star, my universe
I see you every time I think of you.
My sugar, my present, my future
I see you every time I need you.

Little by little I was drowning towards you.
Deep and deep beneath the ocean of your love.
Never knew it was you, the one, God sent for me from above.
Pieces by pieces you were taking my heart away.
Day After day I was losing myself to you.
Everybody left, they all gone but you always stayed.

My valentine, my reasons, my rhymes
I see you every time I am lonely.
My lady, my baby, my teddy
I see you my beautiful, my lovely.
My heart, my heart beat, my heartthrob
I see you every night and day.
My dearie, my lassie, my sweetie
I see you even if my sky turns to grey.

Word by word you were writing my love story.
Far and far you bring me from my lies and my tears truly.
It’s like you already knew me for a long-long time.
Moment after moment I was missing something.
Forever and ever it was you, you are my everything.
I, without you, would always be a mess to be honest.

My princess, my queen, your highness
I see you every time I close my eyes.
My affection, my perfection, my Legacy
I see you every time I open my eyes.
My precious, my beloved, my gorgeous
I see you in my dreams.
My pleasure, my blessings, my treasure
I see you in all my realities.

Day after night, night after day,
Everything was drowning me towards you.
Morning after evening, evening after morning,
All the things were planning you in my life.
My biggest weakness, my sweetest sugar,
You are the reason I am still alive.

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