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The Call

The Call 

the call

Phone rings. Oh! Is it your number?
A mistake or you actually remember? I wonder.
You say hello, I say hi.
So mellow but I never been more shy.

Every time I talk I close my eyes.
And I see you right there forever by my side.
Heart skips a beat as you say my name.
Darling never much of happiness always deep pain.

Listening to you like listening to my favorite song.
You voice I rejoice, you are my harbor, my home.
I don't want our conversation to ever end.
It is you always my dearest, truest friend.

You talk about your days and your routines.
I lose my mind, all my ways like normal teens.
Heartbreak and despair that's nothing new.
But heartache and love affair that something new.

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
I don't want my phone to be taken away
From 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. I just wait.
You call I smile, we talk and I celebrate.
If you don't then I accept my lonely fate.
Millions of stars all over the realms but you are my only faith.

You say goodbye I die a little.
Tears can lie but I cry a little.

With every blood in my body, 
With every hope in my soul.
I breathe for your call,
Even if the skies turn yellow and fall.

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