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I Miss

I Miss

i miss

I miss much more the tinder winter bliss
Of hugs we never had,
Songs we never sang,
Drinks we never drank,
Pizzas we never ate.

But the brown shade of your eyes breaks
The blue blizzard into the invisible spring morning ritual
Even from behind the unbreakable
Glass wall of your classical spectacles.
And your crimson colored photograph crumbles
Every edge of the Ice age I stumble
Upon every now and then.
As the feel of the first touch
Of your finger nails on my palm does.
But sometimes I stare
It glares the flares
Of the storm that happened without a rain
That day when you neither called nor you came.

I will miss much more the tinder winter bliss
Of the hugs should we ever have,
Songs should we ever sing,
Drinks should we ever drink,
Pizzas should we ever eat.

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