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The photograph


the photograph

I can recognize the eyes I see in the photograph.
I could only perceive the man I see in the mirror.
If I would be in the other half.
Must there be dust or an error.

Her smile in my mind is suffice for me to fight the pendulum swing
Of the extreme isolation to supreme desolation.

Her face and name remains the same whether everything else changes.
Seems like she is in me more than I am in me lately.
She brings the best version of me and she sets me free.
My queen, she made my life evergreen.

Now feels like I can get help all the pain I ever felt.
Ice age may melt but the feeling gets worse.
With each and every verse of same old words.

Because still there are lonely long roads no one really knows.
Cold water always blows the river of time every second flows.
All over the globe, nothing never holds.
No matter what one does, no matter where one goes.

But I see a hope of beautiful life with her photograph.
Only if I could be in the other half.

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