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Hug Me

Tired of running from everything and everyone
And hearing lies all the times.
But broken promises are the worst.
So scared to find a moment of truth in my life.
Even scared more to look into the mirror.
It is the monster I fear
That nobody have ever seen.

So weak and helpless won’t be able to move a muscle.
So please come and bring me back to my dreamland.
Sing me a song I love to listen.
Make me whole again.

Put your arms around me and surround me
With all your warmth and all your aromas.
Hug me tightly as if this is the only thing that can save.
Don’t ever go and leave.

It’s been quite long I haven’t been able to feel my breath.
So save me.
I want to feel my heartbeat once more.
So hug me and don’t let go.

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