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My Story

My Story

my story

Once upon a time a girl came into my life
With her beautiful eyes,
With her amazing smile.
My stupid heart so weak fell for her.

She promised she would change my world.
And she did
She made it better.
And I showed her the parts of me
That were not all pretty.

For the first time in my life
I was feeling alive.
But along the way, you know how it is,
All the things changed.
She did come with full of surprises
But she left even without any goodbyes.
I guess was the fool not to read between the lines.
It was love for me but only a verb for her.
I cried the river out
And finally
I stopped crying for the moon.

Life went on
On the path of never ending.
Somewhere down the road
My heart beats for the first time in a while.
Something was happening to me,
Watching you and talking to you,
That I was not understanding.

And one day you smiled.
My lord!
My whole world just stopped.
It was not that
You got the best smile in the whole universe.
It was just that yours was the one
That I just can’t live without.
That I knew immediately.

In my journey of loving you
I found myself finally.
It was not that I could not live without you.
But it was just that I wouldn’t wanna live without you.
That I came to know ultimately.

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