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Crying for the moon

Crying For the Moon

Crying for the moon

The time turned as the tide turns.
The same old love
And the same old story.
Heart break,
And a life full of misery.

I opened up to you and you left me in pieces.
Did the same things she did to me.
I am sad because you are gone
But I learned
Not to cry for the moon a long time before.

This time I made a promise to myself
I would never open up to anyone else
To leave me vulnerable with no expectations.

I know my love for you was real
And it fulfilled its destiny when you left.
Because it’s the tears which gives love true meaning.
It’s the pain which makes you feel alive.

And now
I will never cry for no one.
Even if the moon cries for me.
I am tired of crying for the moon.

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