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I am Tired of Love

I am Tired of Love

i am tired of love romantic heart break poem

I am tired of love.
I am tired of loving you.
I loved you for eternity.
But you never once loved me back lately.

I am too weak to walk on the path
Where you are always on the other side of the road
And I am the one on the side of the loneliness.

It was all over a long time before
But I was too blind to see that.
I finally came to know that I had to miss my dance
When you smiled with him holding his hands.

We both stole the moments to be with each other.
And now I am tired of being a thief.
Who am I to take love away from your life?
Who am I to crush your dreams underneath mine?
Just give me half of my heart,
Give me half of my happiness.
I shall gladly close my doors, never shall knock yours
And walk on my own.
Leave and say goodbye, don’t turn to see I live or die.
It is totally fine.
Nothing’s new.
Usual pain, another heartbreak,
 Just another normal day.

You perhaps be forgiven
 You must be sure of one thing though
You shall all be forgotten.
My heart is too heavy to take the loads of your selfish love.
My eyes are too dry to cry a tear for your cherished memories.

I am tired of love.
I am tired of loving you.
And now I am all out of love.
I can’t even write a love song.
I was always loyal to the words.
It seems words are not loyal to me anymore.
As I was always loyal to the love.
 It seems love is not loyal to me any long.
And now I am tired of love loving you.

You never cared about a million stars I bought for you
But you only cared for the moon that I could never buy for you.

This is my whole life story.
I am a man destined to be alone.
I did love a woman I can’t have
Time after time.
I guess it’s the time to accept my fate,
Move on and never look back.
Thinking all about it
 I never should have allowed the weakness in my life.
But lately I am tired of love loving you.

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