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The Princess

The Princess

romantic passionate love poems for her

I see the cascade of dreams over the millions of faces every day.
Each and everyone tells a different story.
Some walking fast others walking slow.
Some achieving their dreams others busy perceiving them.

Everybody is moving even sometimes they don’t know where they are going.
A lonely passenger gets lost in unfamiliar roads of a very familiar country.
Roams around the wrong corners, hangs around wrong people.

Life starts suffocating him,
He is fighting to survive and thinking of suicide
No reason to live yet too weak to die.
Lives a life of an insect.
Joy and pain have the same effect.
He always thinks he is a misfit in the world of perfects.

And one day he sees you at the crossroads of crowd and chaos
Standing there waiting for him.
As you hold his hands he knows then he is in the safest hands.
Finally he finds his only reason to alive.

Everything that happened to his life
All the failures, all the loneliness
And all the ill wills were the God’s plan
For you to lead into his life.

He never showed his tears to anyone
But he cries only in front of you every now and then.
Pain can’t hurt him anymore
He can cherish the joy in his life forever long.
I see the cascade of dreams over the millions of faces every day.

And in every cascade of my dream
You are the princess saving me with your grace
If you could ever see.

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