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Broken Heart Poems for Her

Broken Heart Poems For Her

Here I present you ten most romantic broken heart poems for her. I collected all the memories in the cascade of words. And for me finally the words became my memories. I eat, sleep and breathe the words with rhyming. I hope you like it.

It is never easy to express true feelings for someone. But still we all try. We all go through the path of the loneliness at least once in our lifetime. There we need an escape from that. Some find it in someone’s eyes but some are still lonely. Some people cross the road quite bravely some not so much. Some become stronger than ever some break down. In this world of black and white I always lie in the gray.
Some days are better than other some days not so much. These poems are the best expression of the sad romance for me. How much one needs someone even without telling them.
I hope you enjoy it and please tell me which one is your favorite. 



Whenever my phone rings
I always hope you be at the side of the line.
Anytime I hear your voice
I turn around and pray you be there.
But no.

So much to tell but how could I
If you don’t even call.
I am losing my mind.
I am losing my soul.

Save me and bring me back from the shed of a dead man.
Wanted to show you
Your name that I still write on my palm daily
And the picture of you that I still keep in my wallet.
And tell you
You are the only thing in my mind,
My love.

The sun will die someday.
Stars will disappear.
Skies will fall and
The oceans will rise high above higher than the mountains
But I will always love you,
My love.

He must be a better man, better than me
Because you loved him.
He has a home.
He has a car.
He can provide all the things you ever desire.
I rather see you happier with him than to tell you I love you.
My love for you is only for me no one else has to know.

But whenever my phone will ring
I will always hope you be at the side of the line,
My love.


Words pains the wounds deepened by the silence sometimes.
Love hurts, hurts so bad that it is hard to breathe sometimes.
Smile lies and misleads.
How to know what someone truly needs, indeed.

The sun is crying.
The sky is falling
And the storm is taking me
Where the darkness surrounds deep into its infinity.
And the sound clouds everything into its eternity.

Breaking down every single moment
Feels like been dead a long time before
But not before the moment you left me.

It was you who let me in then left me alone.
And accused me mistaking friendship with love.
Isn’t the friendship first step of love?

If I were to be a handsome man
Would you love me better?
Would it all be different?

Only if you could look how beautiful I am
Beyond an old looking chubby man.
No cheekbones
No perfect hair
No body that one could be proud of.
But I am keeping a rose inside my heart for you
Even the thorn is bleeding me out.
But you never saw that.
If you could you would fall for me over and over again.
Sometimes try to see my true love for you
Beneath my red eyes.

May be if I got prettier eyes
And a dimple when I smile.

Would you love me
If I were a handsome man?


Every now and then
I go back to the corners of my mind
Where I first saw you
And when I first felt that
I loved you.
I have frozen every single moment as beautiful as they were.

Because every time I see you I know that I love you.
Every time I touch you I can feel that I love you.
Every breath I take with every moment that pass
I love you more and more.

Lately I have been spending my nights
With the pillow of your memories
Under the blanket of your dreams to keep me warm.

You were the missing piece that always completed me.
Such a shame that you are gone.

Every time you leave me I miss you.
Every time you call me I miss you.
Every breath I take with every moment that pass
I miss you more and more.

Same old story is over and over again
But I have to save my innocent heart from all these misery.
I will grow old with you but it will be across the street.
I will be one phone call away.
I will be a boy next door.
You will be my love next door.


All the times when I was with her,
Holding her hands.
I was thinking about you.
What you might be doing?
And when she kissed me,
I was missing the taste of your lips.
I can’t ever love anybody else.

When she turned off the lights and slept,
I turned on my phone to look at your photograph.
I don’t ever wanna do the things I used to do with you to her.
Because that was reminding me more and more of you.

She thinks she can make me forget about you
With every little thing that she does to me.
But she doesn’t know it at all.
The day I am out of your thoughts
Is the day I am out of my breath.

She has not seen your name written all over my heart.
Every morning I wake up and watch her smiling
Reminds me that’s the another day gonna pass without your smile.
How much I love you I don’t even know.

Lately I have been a lonely soul without you.
I am always incomplete without you.
Please come back and give me my perfect days to live.
Because your memories never gonna be enough for me.
I belong to you and you belong to me.

I can’t hold you holding her hands.
I can’t see my dreams of you in her eyes.
So please come back and give me a perfect day to live.


You were there with me
When nobody was there for me not even me.
You always trusted me, made me believe in myself
Even when I lost all my hopes.
You loved me more than anyone in this lonely cold world.
But when you needed someone to hold you
I could not be there with you.

What a book of poetry can do about that.
What a man who loves you can do about that.
I guess he ain’t no superman to fly to you and fly away your sorrows.
He can only cry till his eyes dry
And his heart runs out of beating.

You were always there with me
And gave me strength to fight anything.
But right now I am fighting every fight within me and losing it all.
Because I could not be there with you when you faced this cold world alone.
I have to live with this guilt all my life.
I hope you will be always there with me after all this.

You are my responsibility but I can’t even keep my promises to me.
I ain’t no superman if I were
I would fly you away from your sorrows
To my world to take care of you.
But I ain’t no superman.
I have no superpowers.


When you came home last night
I can smell his perfume over yours.
It was not hard for me to believe that
You were with him.
And your smile too was telling me this.

Did he hold your hands
When you got scared during the movie?
Did he wipe your tears
When you were crying in a romantic scene?
Did you also put your head on his shoulder?
Do you trust him that much?
Do you love him that much?

If that’s true then you should go.
You are strong woman.
You must break one heart to save your soul.

I made many mistakes in my life
But loving you was not one of them.
I don’t know what went wrong.
May be time played its tricks.

All the times you chose your friends over me
To go to the vacations with them without me.
All the hours you spend with yourself
Rather spending them with me.
I am not blind to see that
You must be waiting for a day
When you open your eyes and this all be just a dream.

Leaving me here might be the beginning of your happy days
And ending of your miserable nights.
 I also don’t have to smell your perfume over anyone else’s.
I know you always cared
But don’t worry about me.
I will be watching all my movies alone on my couch
Crying and wiping my own tears alone.


A lonely night can tell what an empty day can never.
The wounds heal but the pain always feels.
Tears can lie
But the scars remains till we die and tells the truth.

Love is a bullet to the brain
And a suffocation deep beneath the veins.
Still I love you with every breath I take.
And I miss you with every song that I write.

A lonely night can tell you
What I am hiding underneath my mask
Because this is the only thing that you left for me.
But an empty day can never tell me
How can I live my life without you,
If I can’t even survive a second without you.


I am another passenger in this journey called life with you.
I already knew we are two shores of a river always together but always apart.
But my stupid heart seeks you every time when it is dark.
And wants you to heal my broken scars.
But for now let’s move forward in this journey of a life with love.
And go where the skies are blue,
Mountains are still touched by the dust of snow
And oceans so deep to hide us for a while.

Though I will always be with you
But I will never tell you how much I love you
Because I know I am another passenger in your life.
My path is my destiny I just can’t stop for nobody.

I only wish that you get lucky enough to find your true love.
In whose eyes you can see yourself a princess that you are,
And in your eyes he can see himself a prince as I do,
Whose sun rises and sets with yours as does mine,
Who can appreciate every little thing that you do
And be there with you in your better and worse.

You always see the best in everybody
I hope he can see the best in you
And make you feel special more than I ever could.

In your love story of two
I promise I will be a third person
Another passenger to depart even without a sound.
And when the day comes I will be the one to walk you to the aisle.
I will be there with you till the end of the line.

If I ever get to see your daughter it will be my brightest future.
I will recognize her with your eyes and your beautiful smile.
She will have the purest heart as her mother and a perfect life because of you.
She will never be alone.
She will never left out of love with a passenger in her life.

I am a passenger.
I can’t be with anybody.
My path is my destiny.
I just can’t ever stop.


She was loved by a man who always remained unknown to her.
She never even tried to know what he felt about her.
He kept chasing her thinking he was chasing the happiness.
In reality darkness was chasing him.
He finally stopped when he became just a shadow of a man he used to be.
A man like him never had a tomorrow with her
Except in her dreams every night and every day.

He loved her not just her body,
Not just her smile,
Not just the color of her skin,
But beyond everything there is to love about her.

He loved her curled messy hair.
He loved her voice even when she cried.
He loved her for every call she made to him.
He loved his own name when she used to say it.

He loved her
And she was loved more and more with every moment that passed.
But she always failed to see how much he loved her.
He was falling apart because he was fallen in love with her.
But he came to know it too little too late.
Travelling the road of love
When did their hands stop holding each other
And when did their hearts stop beating for each other they did not know.

He took all the blame for every wrong thing he did not do
Still she was loved.

In the end of her story
She was dying because of suffocation of over love.
And in the end of his story
He was dying because of starvation of no love
At all.
But if that was the way to die
He would have died a million times more
And for him it still be so beautiful.

She was loved by a man who never knew anything but loving her.


Your eyes reminded me a woman
A woman I loved, loved more than my life itself,
A woman whom I wanted to be a perfect man for.
A perfect man a girl could love.
But along the way I lost myself.
I forgot who I really was.

I was just a human full of errors and mistakes.
Never understood what she wanted or what it takes.
Millions of miles apart, day after day
I can still portray her beautiful smile even in my darkest hour.

It was all my fault that we ain’t together.
I never saw her but she only saw me even in her dreams.
She promised to see me even at the end of the road.
She always carried the load of love for both of us.
I couldn’t gather the courage to stay with her.

I left
I was a man who was weak, who could never see
And who could never walk on his own.
So much dirt was on my mind.
So much pain in my heart.

I thought that I could be her forgotten number.
But I was wrong as I always been.
I was a poet behind the closed walls.
I also wrote some love songs.
But sooner or later I came to realize that
Words couldn’t feed an empty stomach,
Can’t built a home to live
And sometimes they can’t even mend a broken heart.

The thing I miss the most is not to grow old with her.
But I kept shadows of all her memories to live on my own.
She was with me even when I am alone.

And today
Your eyes removed the dust sprinkled all over my memories from a long time ago.
Because you got the eyes of  the woman I loved.
If I could turn back the clock
I would love her better.

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