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A Death by Thousand Cuts

A Death by Thousand Cuts

A Death by Thousand Cuts

A death by a thousand cuts.
If there be a few lesser
I would have survived.
First few hurts like hell
After some the agony becomes friendly.

It is so wonderful,
How beautiful you made my heart with all these scars.
Nothing cuts, nothing wounds
That’s how strong you made me by all the suffering you caused.

If you could look into my eyes
You will see yourself because
The last thing I saw was your photograph.
And the last thing I heard was not the silence
But your voice into the deep nothingness.

If you could be there to hold my hand,
My soul would refuse to leave my body.
Though my blood would have dried,
My mind might have stopped thinking
But my heart
My heart would still be beating.

I was always on the street shattered
Where you left me a long time ago
Waiting for a bus or a day
That could bring you back to me
To pick me up and fix me.

Reaching towards you
I never thought that
You could be the one moving further away from me.
In every reality of mine
You always seemed to be far-far away
Even in my dreams.

I could have survived a million cuts
But here I have died a death by only thousand cuts.

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