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Clown’s Revenge

Clown’s Revenge

clown's revenge

White face, funny nose, red lips and weird clothes.
A clown always there for a party to entertain.
Few card tricks under my long clumsy sleeves.
Just to amaze people for a while
And to make them forget their agony for a while longer.

All the people are spectators in my life.
I am a perfect showman.
I sing, I dance, I tap my feet on the ground.
They watch, they clap, they laugh
And the curtain calls they just leave.

They don’t call, they don’t talk.
The show is over.
Why should they waste their time and stay?
My misery is hidden behind the mask I wear.
It looks amazing and delightful.
But underneath no light only the darkness so deep.

No one ever noticed the pouring pain through my eyes.
No one ever sees my true colors
Because of the paint all over my skin.

I only want to hold you when you are down in your heartbreak.
And tell you
Been through a lot I can totally relate.
You are beautiful girl
This will never pervade in your wonderful world.

But you go and hide your true feelings from me
Save them for the real person, not for a clown.
Come to my neighborhood
And don’t ever come to see me.
Because I am never lonely and always smiling.
Pretend to listen when I talk.
And as soon as the show is over just disappear
And erase me from your memories.

And let me tell you one thing
If I am dead don’t you dare to come my funeral.
This is me taking my revenge.
White face, funny nose, red lips and weird clothes
Won’t make you smile then and forever.

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