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Pain and Love Poems

Pain and Love Poems

Pain and love are two things always present in the life of a man. Love is the medicine of all kinds of pain but when one is hurt in love there he finds no happiness that could make him smile. It is easy to get hurt it is hard to mend. In these kinds of cases it is better to express yourself. I know it feels like the end of the world but let me tell you it is not.
Time can heal every wound but some wounds are there just can’t be healed by anyone. Here I present you with several poems dealing with the feelings of pain and love. I hope you enjoy it.

pain and love poems
pain and love poems

I need you

No pretty eyes, no charming smile,
A chubby body, no cheek bones,
No dance moves, no sharp mind,
Only a stupid heart.

But still I don’t know why I want
A little less pouring tears,
A little less dead beating heart
And a dance with a girl I desire on a romantic song
To give me an evening to remember.

No silky hair, no handsome beard,
A boring life, not a young youth,
No fancy clothes, no fancy car,
No big dreams, only the music that I breathe.

But still I don’t know why I want
A little less helpless hands,
A little less trembling body
And a touch by a girl I long in my life
In my hour of need to kiss away my pain.

Every time scared of everything.
Because everything I touched turned into dust.
Everyone I loved they all left.
Nobody ever saw me beyond my skin and bones.

I need someone now who can embrace all my colors as they are,
And make my sunrise brighter or my nights less dark sometimes.

I need you now.
I need you more than ever.

A Lovely Lady in Yellow

Standing there waiting for my bus to come to take me home.
There were many people
I was blinded by a girl in the yellow dress looking so beautiful.
I looked at her as long as I could
And I smiled for a long time.
My heart was beating faster than ever.

I only wish to know her name,
Where she is from and a little bit more.
But I did not have the courage to ask her.

Though the sun was shining so bright
In the ruthless hot midday
But the God been kind to me that sunny day.
The bus came a little late.

It seemed God already knew
She was pulling the strings of my heart.
It felt she was known to me already.

For the first time
I didn’t wanna leave the station and go.
Could that moment last for a bit longer?
I didn’t know.

Sooner or later the time for us to depart was about to come
Even without a goodbye.
For me it was heart aching
But not heartbreaking.

If our destinations be same
I could see her a bit longer.
I guess some journeys are left to be travelled alone.

I was looking at her I wondered
Would she remember a guy across the street staring at her?

But her yellow dress made me love yellow even more.
How silly of me trying to find some girl
I didn’t even know the name of
After so many days in this world of millions.

More I looked her into her eyes
More I drown in her love.
The way she looked from behind the kiosk at the bus stand
Gave me the memories to forever remember.

A Caped Crusader 

Hands slips, hearts splits even walking on the same streets
Two bodies a bit apart becomes two souls a world apart.
My broken heart was never televised
So nobody ever knew about it not even you.

I needed to make some noise
But I can’t seem to find my own voice.
I will close my doors and all the windows too,
And sing all the songs I wrote for you and cry.
While you go with your friends to share the love and the laughter
That you once shared with mine.
Every single day every single time.
I will smile and never show you my tears.
I will fake it every moment I am hurt.

You never travelled the road of love before.
Yet you are asking me to say your name every time we make love.
I will try to be a better man in your eyes,
Better than I ever can.

I will use overdose of alcohol and a drug abuse
To calm the storm within.
I will write broken heart poems to outlet
My pains through a river from the oceans of my sorrows.

Doing all these things
At least I don’t have to see you die
Every time you could have cried because of me.

I always was an underdog in the field of giant lions,
Fighting my way to the heaven from this hell.
No one can save me not even you
Not even the caped crusader.

Only my soul can save me by leaving this body forever,
Falling me into an endless sleep and never wake up.
Because the day I fall in love with you is the day
I started dying a little by little every day but I never realize.
I finally want to end this as soon as possible.

It was Monday I went to your home
And found you were already gone.
You were about to leave on Tuesday
But I guess my misfortune.
So many things I wanted to tell you
There never gonna be the words
That could show you how much I love you.

Before you leave
I wanted to say goodbye with a kiss on your head
And let you know how much you means to me,
How much I care for you.
Girl truth be told you are the meaning of love for me.
 You are the one and only for me.
You are something I never had.
You are a happy life I always ever wanted.

I hope there be another Mondays
When we could sit face to face
And no Tuesday will ever take you away from me.

A Rose with Tear
You could be the name I would have forever remembered.
You could be my love I would have forever felt.
You could be a person I would have forever seen.
 You could be my life I would have forever lived.
But no!
It was not meant to be.

Oceans apart roses could never reach you
Every beautiful one I ever dropped for you.
And a rose with a tear I always kept.

A photograph I will see will be yours,
A person I want to meet will be you,
A name I will call will be yours
On my dying bed.
And I would die with a smile on my face.

Beyond the stars,
Beyond the broken hearts,
Beyond all my scares
I will see you.
 Until then I will keep a rose with a tear.

No love
Still so much pain but the tears finally stopped falling from my eyes.
Now the words will fall from the skies.
I will write a song and tell everyone
What you did to me and how you broke my heart.

I picked up my pen now nothing can stop me.
Ink runs out I will write with my blood.
If I run out of pages I will write on the wall.
You smiled enough now its time for the payback.
Give me my love every single drop of it.
Give me my life every single moment of it.

It was hard for me to love again but for you it was just a game.
Now it is harder to breathe without you here.
So many nights I’ve spent crying.
So many days I’ve spent praying.
Wishing it all just be a dream
One day I open my eyes and you be here with me.

You did the same thing my father did me.
Left me here even without a word.
A love letter would have mattered for my life ahead.
I am gonna be the one with no love all along.

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