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Poems About Pain And Love

Poems About Pain And Love

Love and pain can be often together. The former can't be explained in words while the later can be hidden from everyone. Sometimes these both are the different faces of a coin but sometimes not. One can never be sure of that pain is only there with the darkness of the loneliness. A crowded street is still lonely and a road is long lost without love. Life has no meaning without love but the pain is the thing that makes you feel alive.
In every perfect love story there are moments of pain. Here I present you few poems about pain and love with my collection. I hope you enjoy them.

poems about pain and love
poems about pain and love

May Be Tomorrow 
How does it feel knowing
Someone is always thinking about you?
How does it feel knowing
Someone is always smiling because of you?
Each and every moment of
Each and every second.

I’ll keep on trying to see you to the end of the line.
And if we can’t be together after all these times.
Then may be…

May be some other time
May be some other life,
May be some other world you could be my girl.
If we are not meant to be together today.
Then may be tomorrow.

This is the hope I am keeping
And it’s keeping me alive.
This is the peace of my mind
Helping me from dying.

So may be some other time some other life.
 If we are not meant to be together today.
Then may be tomorrow.

How can I see anything when
I am always blinded by your face?
How anything can hurt me when
I always saved by your grace?
Each and every moment of
Each and every single second.

If not today then may be tomorrow.
I may see your path crossing my way.

My Weary Eyes 
My weary eyes turned reddish
Waiting around my phone
Longing you would call,
While you were ruining our old memories
To cherish your new memories with her.

What can I do to make you stay?
I am just a man made up of the dust
And at the end I will be shattered on the ground
And the wind will scatter all my pieces all around.
No traces of mine never no one will see.
As if I never existed.
But I was hoping
You could keep me alive in your reminiscence
Or at least in your smile.

If once in the lifetime
I could make you smile the way she did,
I would gladly depart my ways a world apart
As you always wished.

But before anything, oh please!
Paint my world with the color of your eyes.
Because that’s the only thing I ever want to see.
And fill my heart with the smell of your body.
Because that’s the only thing I ever want to feel.

My weary eyes are closing now
Too tired to turning reddish.
Though this is the time for me to sleep.
But this is not the end of my story or my street.
Every moment you breathe you will be writing a new one for me.
What a misery for my weary eyes not to be able to see that.

Nothing was ever mine in this ruthless cold world.
But anyway the sun was burning my bones through my skin.
And drying my heart turning it into dark black.

A clouded sky could provide me
Some relief from the pain it was causing.
As I hoped but I was wrong.
Because it did not bring the rain
I was expecting
Neither did it made my angel see me from above.
Because it was a heaven full of clouds.

If it was not to be
I bet I could see the moon and the stars
That helps me sleep at night.

Though the storm came which was so heavy.
But it did not clear the heaven and let me see my angel.

Nothing was ever mine in this ruthless world.
But the sun still burnt the one thing
I ever loved through the heaven full of clouds.

 I can’t help my tears pouring
And feeling so helpless.
My teeth are hurting my tongue.
I can’t even speak.
Don’t you think I am crying because of you.
Why would I waste a tear for you?
I never loved you.
I always hated you.
You are no one for me.
You are just a girl who was there with me when I was alone.
And held me when no one did.
I guess you don’t care about your time.
I never asked to do that.

My eyes ain’t red because of you.
My lungs hurting my heart.
I can’t breathe.
I can’t even sleep.
This pain is expanding day after day into a vast ocean.
And I am sinking in it.
Why would I keep you in my mind and waste my nights?
You are just a pretty face who talked to me
When nobody even looked at me.
I guess you are talkative person.

Now you need someone but I am not there.
I promise you
I will not be there even on your birthday this year.
I will not even call you.
I am a selfish man.
All I ever wanted was to be left alone.
Everything was so good and so beautiful before.
But now you ruined everything.
Though I can live without you.
But I can’t live without thinking a thought of you.
I am never gonna tell you how I feel.
In case you ever wonder that’s why I am writing this poem.

But it is such a shame
I can’t be there with you when you need me.

 I was watching
As the dust of snow was spreading over the surface of the earth.
Layer by layer covering everything
Like nothing was out of its reach.
It was my first snowfall.

Everything looked so white and clean
I was amazed.
The traces of all things vanished into its vastness.
Closing my eyes your thought stopped my mind for a while.

You were there with me.
We went out and played with the snowballs.
Your pink cheeks were only making you even more beautiful.
I was collecting every dust of snow falling from your palm.
As I collect every little moment that I spend with you.

But after some days sun made all the snow disappear.
Everything settled but my crave to see you
In my first snowfall still lives somewhere within me.

It was a memory it would be perfect
If you could be there with me in my first dust of snow.

Don’t be too late 
You promised to spend your entire life with me.
But how could it be you can’t even spend
A single second of your day with me.

Baby I can wait
Oh! Please
Don’t be too late.

 See you again
 See you again
Perhaps after all the buses reach their destinations.
You reach yours and I reach mine
And there is no turning back.
See you again beyond the stars
Beyond the world of truth and the fairy tales and far.

See you again
Beyond the best of the places beyond the worse of the places.
See you again
If not tonight than may be at the last ride of my journey or beyond.

See you again
Beyond the time where love is not that far away
And the beauty beholds yours eyes when you see me to see you again.

I will see you
And see you again beyond the wrath of the oceans so deep
And beyond the zenith of the mountains too high.

I will see you and see you again beyond my closed eyes.
Beyond your teary smile.
I will see you again and again.

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