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Heart Touching Poems for Her

Heart Touching Poems for Her

Heart Touching Poems for Her
Heart Touching Poems for Her 

Love can’t be touched and can’t be quantified. There is only the words which try to describe it but still sometimes they fail. And I am here just writing the poems in order to touch to heart of a girl I always loved and still do. Time and tide never were my side she never knew how much I loved her but still I have hope in my heart to touch hers with the poems I write. There is a story in every poem I write I hope you also relate to mine.

She was my Rose
I am a good man
And she is my rose.
I just want to stay and watch her smile.
I just want to hold her hand and spend some time.
And be there to feel love grow day after day.
But all the seasons of the love has been and gone,
Left me no hope and no reason.
Only an empty sky around me
No birds, no clouds, no nothing
That surrounds me.

I climbed every mountain,
I swam every ocean.
Sadly never could I touch the love nor did I fix anything broken.

I believed I could be a precious chapter of her book,
But turned out to be a torn page full of wrinkles instead.

You know crying doesn't hurt me
The eyes when the tears dry hurts so bad
One can't even sleep and no morphine does the trick.
And the thirsty throat after a while hurts so bad
One can't even breathe and no water does the trick.

I am a good man.
I called her my rose.
I just wanted to stay and hear her voice.
I would never hurt her
Nor let anyone hurt her.
I know how it feels
I am not immune to a heartache or a heartbreak.
Love could rise and rise and never be down.
But I have fallen even beneath the ground
And falling further more.
But once upon a time she was my rose.

Million Love Songs
I closed my eyes,
I saw you by my side.
You smiled and I smiled with you.
You talked and I talked back to you.
I know it was just a dream but I wish that it may never over.
I knew I have become a better man because I found you.
Holding hands, dancing beneath the stars
And I owe a million things to you.
I owe a million thanks to you.
You broke the silence of my life.
You light up all those lights in this vast darkness.
Then you took away my heart and you became my part.
You brought all the happiness,
You escaped all the loneliness.
And you took away my pain
Now nothing left to gain because you loved me.
And I could never love you back as much as you did.
But I only can write a million love songs about you.
Here is to you one of the millions and I hope you like it.

You are so Beautiful
Her eyes, so innocent and so mesmerizing,
Dances when she laughs and opens wide when she lies.
The tears in her eyes like the drop of the rain over the rose.
It's so beautiful.
When I see them it is like I am in heaven.
It's so amazing feeling that I can't explain.

Her face,
So pleasant, so magnificent.
Turns bright with my touch,
Turns pink with my kiss.
The smile on her face is like the colorful rainbow over the silent sky.
It's so gorgeous.
When I see it is like I am in heaven.
It's so amazing feeling that I can never explain.
She is so perfect,
So fascinating.
I love the smell of her skin.
I love the curls of her hair.
I love the sound of her voice.
I love each and every inch of her.
Everyday I wanna be like this.
She is so beautiful.

My Birthday 
I am that kinda guy who does not like his birthdays that much.
It is another normal day for me but you make it super special for me.
With the very first call you make every year to wish me
And the last one too.
And with all very cute handmade gifts you give me.
And with the tasty cake baked by you.

It feels more like your birthday than mine.
All my sorrowful feelings goes away.
You make me wanna live in the present.
I can never thank you enough for that.

I am that kinda guy who does not like his birthdays that much.
Brings back my bad childhood.
But you are making something beautiful out of it.
I wish I might not be too late to see that someday and understand.

But not today.
Let me be the way I am.
It is my birthday.
 Let me live in the cave of my broken dreams.
I hope you might not be too hurt to see that someday and understand.
That I can never be the guy who likes his birthdays.

I am Sorry
So many times I made you cry.
So many times I left you with the tears were never dried.
You never said,
You never showed.
You always waited for me to come home.
I left you I hurt you
But you keep coming back to me.
I was a fool to let you go.
Now here I am all alone.
I am so sorry that I could never be the smile of your face.
I am so sorry that I could never be the words of your voice.
Sorry that you ever felt this way.
But now I wanna be the one that forever stays.
I am so sorry it was too little and too late.
This is a cold world alone I can never face.
I am so sorry but this is the only thing I can say.

Forever Gone
Night after night I call your name
Beside the ocean I stay.
And when it turns to grey,
The tears and the smile will all be the same.
Words will have no meanings.
My heart will have no beating.
And this song I am writing will be lost forever.

Once in the blue moon after so many winters and autumns
There will come a drop of rain over my face to remind me
How much I cried.
I cried a river over her.
She was my longest distraction
And my world used to revolve around her.
But my forever love was forever gone.
And now here I am all,
Here I am alone.

Endless Love
Is this a goodbye?
I never thought I could even cry.
All the times all the memories we shared,
Is this the moment I die?
But No I really want us to try.

Someday someone will tell you how much he loves you,
Don't break his heart the way you broke mine.
It feels like sun is getting darker and the nights are getting colder.
My endless love ended so soon.
Did not last a midnight or a noon.
The tears of my eyes are for a friend I could never know.
The pain of my heart is for a person I could never show
My endless love.

This is a goodbye.
It hurts so bad I can't even cry.
This is the moment I die.
I can't take it anymore.

Black Roses
It’s been Sunday morning to midnight
Still haven’t you called to tell me that you alright.
It’s not fair just not right.
You leaving me here with nothing
Every time I tried to come close.
I thought our life of two became one a long time before.
But I guess I’ve been a fool like I always was.
And now I am alone like I always was.

Can a piece of a paper do anything about it?
Can these words that rhymes do anything about it?
Now it will never be enough you telling me
You love me even a million times.
It all be a lie I came to realize.

I was just a boy scared of dark
And you always were the queen of my heart.
But all the roses turned black.
I know how.
My mistake was singing those love songs to the wrong person.
Now I rather drop a tear than to smile
Because a black rose can never turn into red.

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