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heart touching poems

Heart Touching Poems

heart touching poems
heart touching poems

It is very hard to touch someone’s heart and leave some impact on them. But sometimes it happens and it feels great when it happens. Here I present you the heart touching poems. Love never dies even when one is gone. A hope of her coming back is always stays. And along the way the life goes on. More one thinks to do some kinds of work but she is reminded. Even with the smallest things like coffee mugs or a pen that she gave you. So here are some of the pieces of my heart describing the same emotions.
I hope you enjoy them and at the comment section please let me know your favourite one or which one you related the most.

Love Songs
There are a million love songs
I would have never written,
if you never shown me the meaning of true love.
If you never came to my life
I would never had been the man I am today.
Life won't be as beautiful as it is now.
Love is more beautiful as it was never been
And I don't know how.
You changed my world.
And there are million more songs
I am gonna write for you,
Sing for you till the day I die.

A Call
You still haven't forgotten to forget to call me.
You still haven't forgotten to forget to tell me that you call me and than never call.
I still haven't forgotten to feel like an idiot waiting for your call yet I still wait.
I still haven't forgotten the pain of the wounds you gave a long before yet I still believe.
May be it's time to sleep and realize that the nights have come when you are never gonna call.
May be it’s the first night I give up my belief.
My be the next night I just won’t wait and go to sleep.

What Is Beautiful
Nothing ever fascinates me
not a rainbow,
not even the moon looking at me
from behind the branches of pine trees
soaked into the beautiful realms
Of the clean white snow
As I am here without you.
I always cry from the eyes of the deep blue lake and no one never sees me or hears me.
Still mountains tries to make me smile
and gives me some hope
to look all around the beauty spead evenly
in all the directions.
But what is beautiful now?
As I am here without you.
Not a song,
not a rain,
not a rose,
not even a faded memories of you.
Nothing's beautiful
as I am here without you
And specially never a touch of your hand
the smell of your perfume
that makes me miss you even more.

Never Without You
When I marry you
I will learn to be a good husband,
A better lover,
the best that
I could ever be.
But you are a good wife
The best anyone ever could be.
Even before we walked down the aisle.
You are already there
with my best interest always in your heart.
You already taken me in my health and sickness.
You made me the best person
I always wanted to be or I could ever be.
The truth lies in your eyes
and the innocence is always in your smile.
And the first time you touched me
You made me yours completely.
And now even when I am lonely in my room writing these lines about you
I am never without you.

Don’t Go.
Before u go just wait!
here I got something to say.
You are the one who is going to leave
But if u do,
I promise I will be the one who is going to be never coming back.
So don't go.

Your Name Follows Me
No Matter where I go,
No matter where I am
You chase me from the depths of the deepest seas.
You follow me everywhere to the zenith of highest peaks.
I might be top of the world and the mountains reminds me the color of your lips,
When it burns in the morning and in the evening by the gentle flares of the red sun.
The sky might be empty or might be full of clouds no matter what your auromas fills it completely everytime.
You follow me in my thoughts and also in my thoughtlessness.
You follow me in my soul and never lets me be alone.
You should be here with me where no one dare to come.
It would be cold but I would be there with you to hold you.
No Matter where I go,
No matter where I am
You chase me from the depths of the deepest seas.
You follow me everywhere to the zenith of highest peaks.
When there nothing follows me I close my eyes and your name still follows me I am sure of that even in the darkest of my hours.

Have You Ever Fallen In Love?
Have u ever fallen in love with a girl?
So deep that you can’t stop thinking about her.
You close your eyes and she is there.
You open your eyes and she is there.
A moment without her is the lifetime sentence.
And a moment with her is the beautiful life you could ever ask for.
Have you ever found your soulmate?
You see a dream and she touches you the dream becomes a reality.
Days of separations becomes more painful than the nights of loneliness.
You say her name everytime.
You smile even without a reason even in a strange land.
Have you ever fallen in love with a girl?
And with her first smile you already knew that she was the soulmate.
And you find your soul when you looked in her eyes.
Have you ever fallen in love with a girl and at that moment you found yourself?
As I did.
Have you?

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